5 reasons why monthly subscription boxes are the best

55697432We are all shoppers, period. Whether we are shopping for this week’s carton of milk, or an outfit for that anticipated event your month revolved around, we all buy stuff endlessly. So when it comes to saving, we are looking for the next big deal and we’ll look to any means to save a few bucks.

Subscription boxes are the secret to saving, and it has remained a secret because subscription boxes still have not completely blown up as the new “shopping norm.” It has, however, been considered by many, including us, as the new “shopping trend,” making waves in the shopping community by shoppers who can’t resist these good deals, but don’t expect your mom to know in on the secret too.

These are the top five reasons subscription boxes are the best. Whether they are boxes dedicated to everyday necessities such as food and clothes, or a monthly gift to yourself (like drones, ahem), these are the top reasons why you need to subscribe to a subscription box today.

1. Low monthly  payments

catmeme Think of it like this: monthly payments, though mostly dismal (darn you student  loans) are easy to forget if they are a small of fraction. Your Netflix and Spotify account are perfect examples of this: You kind of (emphasis on the ‘kind of’) don’t notice the monthly charges as much as, lets say, your phone bill. These services are also a bit of a necessity, considering the price of cable and music alone. So sparing another low monthly payment for something you either need or want, as opposed to how much it would cost alone, without monthly subscriptions, seems logical. Take out your handy calculator (or, lets be real, phone app) and do the math, and I’m sure you’ll conclude monthly payments are a smart price to pay compared to pricing you’d find elsewhere.


2. Mystery boxes are fun, cause, well they’re always a surprise

downloadDon’t expect to find a complete surprise in your mystery box (if you ordered tech toys, you won’t likely receive baked goods), but the overall idea of a mystery box is that it could be anything, depending on the subscription box you selected. This is what makes subscription boxes such fun- each month you receive something unexpected. Accepting and signing your package is all part of the build up, so when you get home and finally open what great finds are in stored for you, it’ll be like you’re five again, opening the latest Christmas present. But the best part is that unlike Christmas, monthly boxes are, well, monthly. Imagine experiencing that feeling once a month? So worth it.


3. So many subscription boxes, so many possibilities 

53284254From a goth box that looks like it was picked out by Wednesday Addams herself, to goodies for your dog, the monthly subscription craze is absolutely endless. If you have a  specific niche, there is likely a subscription box out there for you. A monthly subscription box must suit your personality and will be a great addition to any hobby or fandom you may have. Our monthly subscription box, RCsubscription for example, is definitely aimed at tech lovers who want something more than just the latest phone app. The best monthly subscription box for you will compliment you, so find out what you like or what makes you jump in joy, and pick a subscription box that will play as a little treat every month. You’ve worked hard, so you for sure earned it.


4. Subscription boxes will be your new best friend 

Funny-Squirrel-will-always-love-youSocializing? What’s that? Just kidding..socializing is a great thing. Please have and continue to make friends. However, after a while, subscription boxes do, in a way, become your new friend. A really cool friend filled with gifts that comes to visit every month. The merch you find in subscription boxes obviously become yours to keep, so you’ll have a great collection of awesome stuff you got for a great price. And all that awesomeness is just going to keep adding adding and adding. You’ll fall head over heels with subscription boxes, and will realize that these monthly gifts are the greatest thing since Nutella. Or Oreos- you know, whatever floats your boat.


5. Speaking of friends….subscription boxes also make a great gift

521e8a1fea313b47e435371ad8bf502bf599dfc9b7f49b58c8257e259e0eb6c0Not looking for yourself? That’s ok! Subscription boxes make such great gifts…its pretty ridiculous when you think about it. All those lumpy sweaters and bland gift cards could easily be replaced by a subscription box, and not only would it be a thoughtful gift but it will also make you look very hip (you’re welcome). Subscription boxes are really making their mark in the world of gifts and shopping, so expect these subscription boxes to be the next best deal for gift-giving. And the other points made earlier on this list, also come into play: they’re affordable, monthly and handpicked. Come on, its a no-brainer. Though you’re kinda missing out and should probably consider a subscription box for yourself too. Just saying