7 types of drone enthusiasts you’re bound to meet

What was once a fad has turned into a blown-out heated debate and growing trend. Everyone’s favorite Christmas present, drones, have flown into (no punned intended) a number of moral discussions, new models and popular videos. Drones are being used by almost anyone at this point, and the number of drones enthusiast out there, are just going to keep growing. From tech-savvy journalists to curious beginners, drone enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes and technique. Drones are here to stay (Hey, we’re not complaining), so the likelihood you’ll run into one of these drone enthusiasts, is very high. Be prepared to meet any of these drone lovers in the near future- here are the seven drone enthusiasts you’re bound to meet.


1. The Timid Newcomer

Armed with a Gizmodo article and wikiHow, the Timid Newcomer is trying to earn his spot in the drone community. He doesn’t have to work too hard though; there are drones that are tailored to beginners, with easy-to-use navigation tools and other first-time perks. Don’t worry newcomer, there are plenty more drone beginners that would gladly join your underdog posse.



2. The Bandwagoner 

“Drones are cool?”, says the person who was just calling them stupid a week ago. It’s ok; the drone lover community is very accepting of any enthusiast, regardless of their actual interest. However, there will be drone users that just hopped onboard the drone bandwagon because they saw drones were trending on Twitter. Maybe these trend followers won’t turn out to be bad flyers after-all?


3. The Gadget Guru

Drones are clearly the hottest new gadget on the tech market, so if you’re a techie, you’re tempted to give the drone scene a try. Totally understandable- these Gadget Gurus will do their drone homework, and on top of that, know everything there needs to know about any trending gadget. Gadget Gurus make the most useful friends, and they also make for excited drone users.


4. The Eager Journalist

downloadIf only Lois Lane could see the means journalists will go through to make their story viral. Not that we don’t mind a great drone video, it’s just unbelievable how much journalism has grown the past years due to technology. You’ll run into some journalists that enjoy a great drone video for journalism integrity, and you’ll be astounded by the many different ways drones can be used.


5. The Keen Photographer

Aerial photography is booming, thanks to the introduction of camera drones , which is possibly the best invention ever made. Using camera drones to take photos that would seem impossible otherwise, these camera drone lovers are all about getting that perfect shot. Using built-in USB ports and recording devices, camera drone users can capture their great shots and instantly share it with their fanbase. Photography is truly taking off.




6. The Curious George (or Georgina)

Image result for curious memeCuriosity might’ve killed the cat, but it will do no harm to anyone curious about drones. Armed with a small budget and this weekend’s agenda, the curious George or Georgina (hey, girls can fly drones too), will want to take a crack at this drone flying business. Though they may seem a bit intimidated by the Gadget Gurus, they don’t necessarily fall under the Timid Newcomer category, considering they just want to give it a shot. If all else fails, they’ll drive a helicopter instead, but it’s likely these curious folks will wound up being  a Drone Hobbyist.


7. The Drone Hobbyist 

And….we have the Drone Hobbyist. The Drone Hobbyist is essentially someone who enjoys drones. They’re not looking to start a drone cult, and aren’t too interested in using drones as a professional enhancing tool- they simply just want to have fun. The Drone Hobbyist will have good knowledge of the different drones available, but they won’t be snobby about it (at least we hope not). They’ll also enjoy competing in tournaments and other socializing events, making sure they meet other Drone Hobbyist who share the same taste. Drone Hobbyist are truly there for the drones.


5 things to know about the FAA’s regulations on drones

Drones, drones, drones. You hear about them almost everywhere now. From drones delivering pizzas, to drones mating with birds (That was a joke, but imagine?), the drone takeover is clearly underway. But with fun comes the inevitable responsibility, or as they’re formally called, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You must’ve heard by now, but the FAA are really trying to crack down on our drone flying activity, making sure our drone adventures are safe (Don’t drink and drone, peeps!)

Confirmed regulations, denied regulations and so-so regulations have been reported by multiple outlets these passed months. So, exactly what has the FAA set in stone? Here are the five things you need to know regarding the love/hate relationship the FAA has with drones. So stop scoping multiple articles, and get the drone 411 from your drone buddies. We’ve got your back!

1. You have to be certified to fly a drone, if you’re flying for a private company


No need for a drone license just yet! One of the biggest rumors floating in the rumor mill is that you must be certified to fly a drone. That is only partially true- you’ll need to be over 17 years of age, and pass what they call “aeronautical knowledge” test to obtain an FAA-approved drone license. This, however, is only if you’re flying for a private company.


2. Drone pilots can’t fly too far

drone-flying-behind-manDrone pilots must sport aviator glasses and patches on a leather jacket. Okay, so we may have made that up, but hey, Top Gun can be inspirational. In reality, drone pilots will not be allowed to fly drones beyond their line of sight. Drone pilots need to be wary of how far they fly.




3. Drone deliveries may not happen…for now


Dreaming about a pizza drone delivery system that doesn’t require you to tip? Well, keep dreaming, cause though that sounds great, it’s not likely going to happen anytime soon. Since drones cannot be piloted too far, delivery systems such as the proposed Amazon Prime will not come into effect until the FAA amends this regulation. Amazon is fighting hard for this one; but for now, if pilots can’t fly that far, than personally deliveries just ain’t gonna happen.


4. Drone deliveries may be out, but other businesses are so in

1403694263563Though Amazon Prime is left out of the drone loop, other businesses can still make use of drones. Construction businesses for example can use drones to inspect their process, as well as journalists who can use drones to capture the latest news. People are getting really creative with their drone usage, so don’t freak out if you see a drone used for work.


5. For the average drone-loving Joe

drone-caughtThough the FAA is regulating on the big dogs, their likely going to try to regulate personal drones. So far, there aren’t actual regulations for personal drones, but we recommend you be smart about your drone flying. That means not putting people in harm’s way, or filming anything you know you shouldn’t film. With power comes responsibility, so don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us.

5 reasons why monthly subscription boxes are the best

55697432We are all shoppers, period. Whether we are shopping for this week’s carton of milk, or an outfit for that anticipated event your month revolved around, we all buy stuff endlessly. So when it comes to saving, we are looking for the next big deal and we’ll look to any means to save a few bucks.

Subscription boxes are the secret to saving, and it has remained a secret because subscription boxes still have not completely blown up as the new “shopping norm.” It has, however, been considered by many, including us, as the new “shopping trend,” making waves in the shopping community by shoppers who can’t resist these good deals, but don’t expect your mom to know in on the secret too.

These are the top five reasons subscription boxes are the best. Whether they are boxes dedicated to everyday necessities such as food and clothes, or a monthly gift to yourself (like drones, ahem), these are the top reasons why you need to subscribe to a subscription box today.

1. Low monthly  payments

catmeme Think of it like this: monthly payments, though mostly dismal (darn you student  loans) are easy to forget if they are a small of fraction. Your Netflix and Spotify account are perfect examples of this: You kind of (emphasis on the ‘kind of’) don’t notice the monthly charges as much as, lets say, your phone bill. These services are also a bit of a necessity, considering the price of cable and music alone. So sparing another low monthly payment for something you either need or want, as opposed to how much it would cost alone, without monthly subscriptions, seems logical. Take out your handy calculator (or, lets be real, phone app) and do the math, and I’m sure you’ll conclude monthly payments are a smart price to pay compared to pricing you’d find elsewhere.


2. Mystery boxes are fun, cause, well they’re always a surprise

downloadDon’t expect to find a complete surprise in your mystery box (if you ordered tech toys, you won’t likely receive baked goods), but the overall idea of a mystery box is that it could be anything, depending on the subscription box you selected. This is what makes subscription boxes such fun- each month you receive something unexpected. Accepting and signing your package is all part of the build up, so when you get home and finally open what great finds are in stored for you, it’ll be like you’re five again, opening the latest Christmas present. But the best part is that unlike Christmas, monthly boxes are, well, monthly. Imagine experiencing that feeling once a month? So worth it.


3. So many subscription boxes, so many possibilities 

53284254From a goth box that looks like it was picked out by Wednesday Addams herself, to goodies for your dog, the monthly subscription craze is absolutely endless. If you have a  specific niche, there is likely a subscription box out there for you. A monthly subscription box must suit your personality and will be a great addition to any hobby or fandom you may have. Our monthly subscription box, RCsubscription for example, is definitely aimed at tech lovers who want something more than just the latest phone app. The best monthly subscription box for you will compliment you, so find out what you like or what makes you jump in joy, and pick a subscription box that will play as a little treat every month. You’ve worked hard, so you for sure earned it.


4. Subscription boxes will be your new best friend 

Funny-Squirrel-will-always-love-youSocializing? What’s that? Just kidding..socializing is a great thing. Please have and continue to make friends. However, after a while, subscription boxes do, in a way, become your new friend. A really cool friend filled with gifts that comes to visit every month. The merch you find in subscription boxes obviously become yours to keep, so you’ll have a great collection of awesome stuff you got for a great price. And all that awesomeness is just going to keep adding adding and adding. You’ll fall head over heels with subscription boxes, and will realize that these monthly gifts are the greatest thing since Nutella. Or Oreos- you know, whatever floats your boat.


5. Speaking of friends….subscription boxes also make a great gift

521e8a1fea313b47e435371ad8bf502bf599dfc9b7f49b58c8257e259e0eb6c0Not looking for yourself? That’s ok! Subscription boxes make such great gifts…its pretty ridiculous when you think about it. All those lumpy sweaters and bland gift cards could easily be replaced by a subscription box, and not only would it be a thoughtful gift but it will also make you look very hip (you’re welcome). Subscription boxes are really making their mark in the world of gifts and shopping, so expect these subscription boxes to be the next best deal for gift-giving. And the other points made earlier on this list, also come into play: they’re affordable, monthly and handpicked. Come on, its a no-brainer. Though you’re kinda missing out and should probably consider a subscription box for yourself too. Just saying





The best subscription box for anyone who likes drones and fun

It seems that subscription boxes are marking their territory in this age of excessive retail and technology goods. It can be hard to know exactly what you want when you are given so many options, especially in technology. What may have seemed like a minor tech-volution 10 years ago has now exploded into a lifestyle that seems almost impossible to live without. This is why subscription boxes are becoming a favorite of many; delivering subscribers a surprise that make for an excellent gift to treat yourself with.

cameradronefinalWe understand the best subscription boxes are the rage for necessities such as food, clothes and makeup, but why can it not be fun also? Mystery boxes should be a fun surprise, not a subscription to something you can cross off your grocery list. This is why we pride ourselves in our unique remote control toy subscription boxes; supplying you with something that is truly a treat.

Remote control drones, helicopters, and cars are great to have around to enjoy yourself. They are also a little difficult to pick out, especially drones which are having a moment of glory these days, particularly camera drones, personal drones and even DIY drones, which is why we have a team of experts that will pick out your drone, as well as remote control cars and helicopters, for you.

For a low monthly price, we send you the latest remote control toy that will also be your escape from work and other responsibilities. Sometimes, you need to relax and enjoy yourself by doing something out of the norm, like maybe flying a camera drone and capturing some great aerial footage of your neighborhood. No matter what you do, be assured you will have a ton of fun discovering the next milestone in technology. We make subscription boxes fun again, and we want you to be part of that fun.