7 types of drone enthusiasts you’re bound to meet

What was once a fad has turned into a blown-out heated debate and growing trend. Everyone’s favorite Christmas present, drones, have flown into (no punned intended) a number of moral discussions, new models and popular videos. Drones are being used by almost anyone at this point, and the number of drones enthusiast out there, are just going to keep growing. From tech-savvy journalists to curious beginners, drone enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes and technique. Drones are here to stay (Hey, we’re not complaining), so the likelihood you’ll run into one of these drone enthusiasts, is very high. Be prepared to meet any of these drone lovers in the near future- here are the seven drone enthusiasts you’re bound to meet.


1. The Timid Newcomer

Armed with a Gizmodo article and wikiHow, the Timid Newcomer is trying to earn his spot in the drone community. He doesn’t have to work too hard though; there are drones that are tailored to beginners, with easy-to-use navigation tools and other first-time perks. Don’t worry newcomer, there are plenty more drone beginners that would gladly join your underdog posse.



2. The Bandwagoner 

“Drones are cool?”, says the person who was just calling them stupid a week ago. It’s ok; the drone lover community is very accepting of any enthusiast, regardless of their actual interest. However, there will be drone users that just hopped onboard the drone bandwagon because they saw drones were trending on Twitter. Maybe these trend followers won’t turn out to be bad flyers after-all?


3. The Gadget Guru

Drones are clearly the hottest new gadget on the tech market, so if you’re a techie, you’re tempted to give the drone scene a try. Totally understandable- these Gadget Gurus will do their drone homework, and on top of that, know everything there needs to know about any trending gadget. Gadget Gurus make the most useful friends, and they also make for excited drone users.


4. The Eager Journalist

downloadIf only Lois Lane could see the means journalists will go through to make their story viral. Not that we don’t mind a great drone video, it’s just unbelievable how much journalism has grown the past years due to technology. You’ll run into some journalists that enjoy a great drone video for journalism integrity, and you’ll be astounded by the many different ways drones can be used.


5. The Keen Photographer

Aerial photography is booming, thanks to the introduction of camera drones , which is possibly the best invention ever made. Using camera drones to take photos that would seem impossible otherwise, these camera drone lovers are all about getting that perfect shot. Using built-in USB ports and recording devices, camera drone users can capture their great shots and instantly share it with their fanbase. Photography is truly taking off.




6. The Curious George (or Georgina)

Image result for curious memeCuriosity might’ve killed the cat, but it will do no harm to anyone curious about drones. Armed with a small budget and this weekend’s agenda, the curious George or Georgina (hey, girls can fly drones too), will want to take a crack at this drone flying business. Though they may seem a bit intimidated by the Gadget Gurus, they don’t necessarily fall under the Timid Newcomer category, considering they just want to give it a shot. If all else fails, they’ll drive a helicopter instead, but it’s likely these curious folks will wound up being  a Drone Hobbyist.


7. The Drone Hobbyist 

And….we have the Drone Hobbyist. The Drone Hobbyist is essentially someone who enjoys drones. They’re not looking to start a drone cult, and aren’t too interested in using drones as a professional enhancing tool- they simply just want to have fun. The Drone Hobbyist will have good knowledge of the different drones available, but they won’t be snobby about it (at least we hope not). They’ll also enjoy competing in tournaments and other socializing events, making sure they meet other Drone Hobbyist who share the same taste. Drone Hobbyist are truly there for the drones.