RCsubscription was definitely the kind of subscription box I was waiting for. They always make sure to include something worthwhile.

Daniel B.

I didn’t think the best subscription boxes could include anything other than makeup or food, but RCsubscription proved me wrong. Their monthly subscription box is possibly the coolest out there, and their drones are the best I‘ve ever flown.

Jared K.

Great idea. Don’t know who came up with this, but they’ve should’ve come up with this sooner.

Michelle J.

Definitely the best of the best subscription boxes. Hands down.

Andrew L.

I used to as, “what is the best monthly subscription box?” Well, I found my answer.

Joseph A.

I’ve always been interested in drones, so it was great they picked out my first drone for me. They picked the best one for someone like me, who’s never flown one before.

Kelly J.

If you want to try the best of subscription boxes, it’s this one.

Debbie L.

You don’t need the best food subscription box, what you’ll need is this.

Michael K.

It’s just really refreshing to have a subscription box that gets you. Every month is a surprise, but it’s a really good surprise you trust will make you happy.

Annie C.

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